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Visualization! Why not?


Visualization is creation of mental pictures and it is one of the most important psychological techniques which is used by top athletes in order to increase their own quality of the game. The topic of this blog is why visualization is so important.


One of the key questions is how I use it, on my mental trainings sessions technique of visualization?


First part is entrance in the alpha state of mind. What is that alpha state?


Before we fall asleep or just before waking up, our brain is in alpha state. In that state, our brain can receive in the best possible way messages and suggestions which can change our life for the better.


Cells of our brain use electricity which allows them to communicate with each other. The pattern by which the brain emits electric waves can be measured with device EEG (electroencephalograph). Depending on what frequency they pulse, there are 5 categories of waves and each of them has specific characteristics on our mind and body.


Gamma waves (40Hz-70Hz) On this frequency we are in state of full concentration. We have full focus and we can give maximum of our own intellectual potential.


Beta waves (13Hz-40Hz) emits state of total wakefulness and activeness. This state is present among most of adult people during whole day. High level of these waves is noticed among anxious.


Alpha waves (8Hz-12Hz) reflects relaxed state. You can be in this state when you close your eyes, when you meditate, fantasize, daydream, also in the moment before you fall asleep or just before you wake up.


Theta waves (4Hz- 7Hz) - is state of deep relaxation. It has similar advantages as alpha state, but it is not so easy to be concentrated on one thing because the attention is scattered and focusing is much harder.


Delta waves (1Hz-4Hz) is the state of deep dream and coma.



Alpha state of brain waves is on the lower level of frequency than beta waves. That is a state of complete relaxation of mind and body. It is scientifically proven, that when our brain emits alpha waves we have open way to our subconsciousness and we have possibility to change its programs, overcome challenges, strengthen our intuition and concentration, help us make decisions faster and what is most important we can create desired things in our life in future. In the state of relaxation, like alpha is, we have increased memory, concentration and ability to learn and remember better. We can efficiently change our behavior, attitudes and habits which are limiting our skills and abilities. Also, the process of ageing is slowing down and the process of healing is accelerating. For easier way to achieve goals its necessary to change our attitudes which manage our lives, and the best way to reach that is in alpha state. Along these lines the left and the right hemispheres of the brain are equal, and that balanced relationship is a secret of success.





As you see, every time when I use techniques of visualization, I work in alpha state and you have just found out what benefits our body and mind have when we are in this state.


Second reason why I apply visualization is for getting rid of the fears and anxiety. Anxiety is indefinite fear, feeling of tension, worriment and agitation. Anxiety is different from fear because it appears very often, sometimes without reason, anxiety is so complicated and it occurs frequently, also if it isnt treated it can become very serious psychological problem. Anxiety among athletes occurs usually before some important matches, or before some situations from which players have negative experience, felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. Using visualization athletes face these situations where they felt abnormal fear which prevented them to play their best game. Stiffness and muscle tightness is logical body reaction which comes from state under the fear. In alpha state, which is state of complete relaxation of mind and body and where concentration is on the high level, its very useful to face with fears and going back to past it is possible to reduce the degree of anxiety.


I use many different types of visualization. After facing past, on the same level we create desired future, wished behavior and reactions on the similar situations which repeat. Eventually they will face them again in the future during the matches, so they will know how to react. Creators of these techniques are dr. Joseph Wople and dr. Donald Meichenbaum and meanwhile all of these techniques are much improved.


Main reasons for using this technique of visualization is helping athletes to remove their fears, stress, negative thoughts, anxiety that blocks them and all of these in the order to achieve better performance and improve the game.



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