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Mental preparation is one of the 4 aspects witch every tennis player should work on. Like you work hard on your techniques, tactics and physical preparation, in the same time players must work on their mental conditions. Sometimes tennis players visit sport psychologist, but there is a huge difference between sport psychologist and tennis mental coach. Sport psychologists dont pay attention on details in tennis game, they are simply not familiar with rules of this sport. Coach that is educated for tennis mental preparation knows very well all aspects of tennis and all necessary things in order to help tennis player.



All sports include 4 areas: technical, tactical, physical and mental preparation.


Same thing happens in tennis and mental preparation is crucial for players.


Tennis is the sport in which couple of points decide who is the winner. In this sport you dont have time limits and matches can be very long and exhausting, so the player who is mentally and physically better prepared is usually the winner.


Mental training takes 25% of total players condition. You will agree with me that sitting on the chair with three legs which should normally have four its not completely safe. It can easily happen that you fall in the exact moment when you are supposed to stand firmly on your own feet.


Why is the mental strenght so important? Why is sometimes difficult to be mentally strong? How is it possible that our good, peaceful and calm children start throwing rackets and screaming or shouting on the court? There are many reasons for that. These are just some of them:

1) Time in tennis

Tennis is very fast game, from the moment of the shot until next shot there is a short period of time, only few seconds. Mental strength is very important for making quick decisions. Player during the match makes approximately 1000 decisions and players which dont have enough experience usually make lot of mistakes.

The second thing is that the players arent always focused on present moment during the match and this behavior appears in 60-90% of cases. This causes emotional instability and frustration. Working on mental preparation can change this percentages and the player can get back to the game faster.

2) Small correctionsbig mistakes

Sometimes its necessary to make small changes in players game and for trainers this might be very difficult. This can cause huge and frequent mistakes in game development. The one of goals for mental coach is to take this process faster and easier.

3) Facing inner and external factors

Tennis players on the court usually deal with different factors: inner and external. Mental coach can help you how not to pay attention on external factors (sun, wind, spectators) and also teach you how to deal with inner factors (negative thoughts, strong emotions, nervousness, pressure, jitters).



This is another proof that tennis is not only technical, tactical and physical challenge, it is also mental.

Without mental preparation, like final result, we have players which play perfectly on the training under supervision, but in the match or sparing with no coach control, everything falls down.


My duty as a mental coach is to make structure which will navigate player to visualize and recall the situation from match. The main reason why I use that technique is to create players who know how to control their game, thoughts, feelings and behavior on tournaments. I teach them to be mentally strong, to release their weaknesses, and develop their own potential etc.


As a mental coach, on my sessions I reveal secrets how to become mentally strong.



With my players I work on:


- Accepting and implementing 13 secrets of champions,

- Getting familiar with 7 secret advanced points, not only in deuce-advantage situation,

- Getting rid of fears before and during the match in order to show full potential on the court,

- Creating and developing champions attitude,

- Different types of visualizations which are important for improvement,

- Basics of mental preparation for the match,

- Teaching players how to adopt new routines before and during the match,

- Analysis of the match, spotting mistakes and weaknesses and how to eliminate them,

- How to deal with 29 critical situations during the match, recognize the threat, stay positive and control your own emotions,

- And much more


Details about tennis players mental preparation, when is the right time to start with mental preparation, how often and until when players should have mental training, you can check out at this here >>>>


Individual sessions are the best option, because every player has different problems, situations and blockades on which we should work on separately.


Group trainings can be held on seminars, tournament preparations, as part of the camps, in the tennis clubs and can include: basics of mental preparation before the match, building champions attitude, visualizations, motivation etc.


Initial meeting session is free of charge

The price of one session (60 minutes) is 80

Mental preparation before the match (30 minutes) and analysis after the match (30 minutes) is 55


If you want to make an appointment for Initial session you can contact me on


+381 63 8 654 597 (Viber, WhatsApp, Mob)




For any further information please feel free to contact me!


Ljubica Jovanović

Mental & Motivational Coach

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