What does the mental tennis training include?



Tennis mental training has 2 fundamental types of tasks:

1) Building players mental strength and

2) Special tennis preparation



1) Working on players mental strength involves:


* Increasing self-confidence and self-respect,

* Development of your own potential,

* Improvement of communication and relations with parents, coaches and environment,

* Techniques for how to get rid of mental blockades,

* Development of concentration and focusing,

* Development of organizational skills,

* Mental cleaning techniques which can help you release accumulated stress, nervousness, pressure which leads to continuous raise of consciousness,

* Thoughts and emotional control,

* Getting free of negative thoughts and creating positive ones,

* Development of determination.



2) Special tennis preparation includes:


* Setting goals from all 4 areas (technique, tactics, condition and mental strength) short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Defining strategies and steps which lead to accomplishment of your goals with many developmental tasks,

* Relaxing exercises which reduce nervousness,

* Different types of visualization like getting free of negative mental blockades, creating future success on the matches, tournaments, objectives

* How to quickly change hits and grip etc. (making this process easier),

* Breathing techniques (breathing which helps you become calm and reduce your nervousness, motivational breathing)

* Motivation, with paying attention on inner motivation. This is very important for keeping love and dedication for tennis, persistence, investing 100% of effort and enjoyment in the game,

* Self analysis of all tennis aspects,

* Mental preparation before the match which includes a few steps starting the night before the tournament,

* Setting new, good and positive routines and habits before the match starts, before the point, between the games and sets. These routines can help you focus better, concentrate and develop mental discipline which is crucial during the match,

* Analysis of the match which will help player become more conscious of his strengths and weaknesses,

* Overcoming negative feelings after defeat or injuries,

* Developing skills which can help you find the best solution for every type of the problem,

* Focusing on the things which you can control, and avoiding stressful moments which are results of the situation that you cant control during the match,

* Adopting 6 steps of mental preparation for the serves, return and playing on the net and baseline,

* Introducing new techniques which will make you play in the zone,

* Recognizing 7 secret advance points,

* Getting rid of believes that limit your potential and prevent your progress and development,

* Making stronger your love, enjoyment and dedication for tennis etc.





I wrote this text because I want to emphasis how important mental preparation is. Its necessary part of every training process for all tennis players.


When are you supposed to start with mental preparation?


Mental training should be regular part of training process from the beginning of players career. Mental skills are systematical and you can develop them. Mental training should be introduced slowly from age 10 or 11.


How often are you supposed to have mental training?


It depends on age and needs. For younger age it is enough once a week, plus mental preparation before the match. For the age of 12 and older, when children enter puberty it is also recommended once a week plus mental preparation before the match and analysis of the match. For older players the best way is to make an agreement, but the continuousness and constancy is very important, same like in physical preparation too.


How long should process of mental training last?


Mental skills are systematic and they upgrade each other. Its a long process of forming complete, strong, self-confident player. In their sports career, players usually face new challenges, difficulties, obstacles all the time, and this is one of the reasons why players should work on their mental strength until the end of their career.


I hope that after reading this text you have clear idea how important mental training is during player development. For any further information, you can check out here >>>>



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