Individual sessions are oriented on improvement and development of one or more life aspects.


If you want to make progress in any of these areas:

1. Healthy life (reach desired weight, become healthier, start training),

2. Sports successes (overcoming fears and blockades, progression, development),

3. Material goods,

4. Career (improvement, development, change),

5. Emotional relations (with partner, parents, kids),

6. Social life,

7. Personal development

than you should start with individual sessions!


In individual deep coaching sessions I use 2 types of tools: eraser (techniques for cleaning mind from harmful contents fears, beliefs that limit you, destructive habits and characteristics, twinge of conscience, accumulated stress and painful feelings) and pencil (introduction of new useful knowledge and skills). With these skills you become better in communication and totally capable to control your own mind, behavior, emotions in every life situation. For faster development you can get evolving tasks between sessions which will help you build your self-confidence. It takes time (approximately 1-3 years) for real and visible results, but if you take only one session it will also help you. It is better to start than do nothing.


Advantages of online sessions:


- Wherever you are on the planet, if you have internet connection, online sessions can be done easily.

- When you are at home this will be relaxing pleasant conversation from your favorite armchair, or from your bad in your pyjamas.

- If you have some physical or psychological difficulties this is the best way to have your session.

- Youll save your money and time because you dont have to leave your home.

- It is possible to have more frequent sessions.

- It is ideal solution if you do not want to be seen in public and if you want to be anonymous.

- Work online is protected by Ethical code like any other session.



Disadvantages of online sessions:

- This type of session is not recommended in cases of heavy traumas or suicide depression and in similar situations,

- If you do not have internet connection and

- If you do not have possibility to be alone during the session (in every session you have to be one on one with your coach, without presence of your parents, partners, friends)



Sessions - oriented on particular problem or particular goal


We all have two roads: the road of success or the road of excuses. People who do not have enough power to take right direction, somehow always manage to find good excuse for their failures. So, its up to you, choose the right direction. Ill help you how to choose the right way, and through first and the most important steps we will go together. Ill teach you how to recognize your true wishes and needs, to convert them into the goals, to make right decision and be persistent, to face your fears and get rid of them, to build your self-confidence, develop self-discipline, increase motivation, use law of attraction, all that in order to reach your happinessTo get you closer to achievement of your goal, well also include relaxation exercises and visualization.

When it comes to particular problem or goal, recommended number of sessions is 3-5. For long-term goals probably we need more time.



Sessions can be done using all applications which include camera (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber)


Price for individual session:

90 minutes 100

60 minutes 60

30 minutes 40 (short consultations)


Introduction session is free of charge


If you have questions or you need some further information, please feel free to contact me


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