Ljubica Jovanović

Mental & Motivational Coach

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About me

Tennis coaching





Srodna slika

You are aware of your own potential, you believe that you can achieve more, that you can do it better


Do you want to become successful sportsman?



Mental preparation for tennis players:


- Behave like champion and use 13 secrets of champoins

- Recognize 7 secret advance points

- Get rid of jitters and nervousness before and during the match

- Solve 29 critical situations during the match



Do you want huge success? Are you ready for that?


Do you want to improve communication skills?


Do you want to be respected and awarded for your work?


Do you want to develop yourself into a leader?


I will help you reach all of that with online individual sessions


If you need motivation to start and persist in reaching your goals





If you are on high position in your company (manager, director, CEO...) and you feel stressed, under pressure and burnout, I can help you get rid of these feelings and overcome situations at work.


If you feel stressed and unhappy because you are too much focused on building your career, and all others areas of your life suffer (emotional life, family relations, social life, attitude towards yourself, your free time etc.) on my individual sessions together well find perfect balance and relieve you from pressure and stress! You can be happier and more satisfied!


If you arent satisfied with the relations inside your family?

If you have too many problems?

With our individual and online sessions you will reach fast progress and improvement.


Do you want to achieve one or more goals?


Do you want to solve all your problems?


If you want to manage your life and build your future like you always wanted

I am here for you!

I am here to offer you my help!





Ljubica is one of those students who always makes her teacher believe that is on the right way concentrated, acute, full of good intentions and willing to activate others. Born motivator and brilliant life coach. The secret of her powerful influence is unbelievable enthusiasm, enormous love for her job and her clients.



Olivera Ptica, founder of the method and manager of the training for Ultracoaching




I found every job in front of me like a huge challenge and I was afraid to go forward in the fight but after meeting Ljubica and having conversations with her, I got courage and motivation to look at the things differently. She taught me how to face every problem without prejudice and how to be winner in every battle. All goals werent unreachable any more.

I want to thank her, for her wise words, advice and because she helped me think differently. Now I believe that all the obstacles are not real obstacles but actually steps towards success.

Once again thank you!



Milicevic Vojislav, HVAC Engineer in PVC TRADERS




Ljubica has enormous positive energy, enthusiasm, experiences and knowledge. Her personal power in combination with vivid examples and clear content contributes to the depth of life coaching.

Her trainings are very inspirational. Good structure of training with clear vision of session.

We are living in the world where often comes to unpredictable life circumstances. The most important thing which can help us in these situations is motivation.

Ljubica Jovanovic helped me and gave me wind in my back. She gave me motivation which I needed to achieve my goals. Ill use that knowledge which I got from her. Thank you for your unselfish support.



Sladjana Milosevic




If you come across obstacle in any field of your life, Ljubica is here to help you solve them, with love and support. While working with her you can feel profound understanding and accepting clients. Her wonderful energy will motivate you to overcome your difficulties.

Ljubica always fascinates with her kindness, love and dedication to her profession, and willing to get best of your personality. If you want to make your life fulfilled and full of good energy, Ljubica is the right trainer for your personal development.



Iva Marinovic, theologian




Its a huge wealth to meet somebody with such a strong energy and positive attitude towards life, and having her beside you is priceless. Ljubica is amazing professional with an angels soul.



Natasa Djuric Mraovic



Sessions can be done using all applications which include camera (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber,)


Introduction session is free of charge


If you have questions or you need some further information, please feel free to contact me




+381 63 8654 597 (Mob, Viber, WhatsApp)