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I wrote this blog post from wish to describe you benefits of my work and my work methods.


First meeting is introduction interview where with couple of questions I estimate my new clients capacity to get, to understand, to adopt and at the end to apply all tools and techniques which should help him/her on his/her developmental path to strengthening the mental part of the personality. Introduction interview is free of charge and after that we agree the beginning of cooperation.


On first mental training usually we do analysis of players profiles through all four areas: technique, tactic, mental and physical conditions. The conclusion of the analysis is setting short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and regular monitoring their state every 3-4 months in order to follow their growth and development in a proper way.


Next steps are dedicated and directed towards accomplishing short-term goals. If you reach those goals you will get higher level of self-confidence and motivation. We precisely define all the steps and strategies for reaching each goal individually. To get certain success it is necessary to develop specific features like patience, calmness after mistakes, positive attitude and these represent different areas on which we should work separately. While working on reaching goals, in the same time with my clients I use mental cleaning techniques, in that way players get rid of fears, pressure, anxiety, nervousness, annoyance and anger, suffering after the injury, remorse and different believes that are limiting them and preventing their development. I will use simple example to compare benefits of different mental clean techniques. The glass full of previous bad experience, fears, negativity, suffering and pain needs to be emptied in order to fill it with positive attitude, motivation, good habits, routines, willing behavior and ability to be focused on the right things during the trainings and matches.


From previous example you can notice another field of my work and that is introduction and creation of new habits and routines between points, games and/or sets, before critical points, after one or more mistakes etc. In next example you will see how important it is. Period between first and second set, precisely at the beginning of second set represents a huge opportunity for your reversal in the match if you lost first set, or if you won first set you can make your opponent get back in the game which you dont want to happen. In that moment window of opportunities opens and on our mental trainings you will learn how to enter that window and use it in the right way. This is only one example from 7 hidden advantage points which is presented and discuss on mental trainings.


Mental preparation for the match and the match analysis are totally special and necessary areas which I discussed in details because their benefits are infinite and endless. The player who isnt psychically prepared has already lost that match in advance. We set up exact steps for mental preparation before the match. How important the analysis of played matches is and about its benefits you can read more here >>>>

Visualizations and relaxation exercises are integral part of my trainings. I have a blog post about this topic and you can read more here >>>>


Thing which I especially and additionally work on is equipment list, because some things which are inside of your tennis bag are very valuable and can help you in critical situations during the match, in the first place can help you calm down, focus and at the end turn the result in your own favor.


How to return in the match quickly after the fall, how to calm down after couple lost points and return focus on your game, how to deal with different factors which disturb your game like audience, umpires decision, inappropriate and provoking opponents behavior, bad environmental conditions, unexpected situations on the court nets, line, hole etc.


Getting familiar with mental preparation steps before serve, return, base line shots and approaching the net contributes better focus, keeping your emotions under control, self-confidence, anticipation and visualization. Through systematic, theoretical and practical work and visualization slowly players on mental trainings, and after that with some task on the court, first on trainings, after that on sparring games and as a last goal on matches overcome those steps and successfully use and apply them.


Improving your concentration and consistency in match are unavoidable parts of mental trainings, because there are lots of exercises on the court and also out of the court. Using these exercises throughout one period of time, your concentration and consistency can be better up to 80%.


Self-confidence without it you cant imagine success. Through almost every mental training we do some exercises that can help raise your confidence. These exercises demand constant work because there are lots of unexpected situations on and outside of the court which can shatter your self-confidence, not just once, but many times throughout your tennis career.


13 psychological secrets of champions is something that I get my clients familiar with and through different tasks they start using them in their life. These secrets have key role in development of your champions spirit, attitude and behavior.


Motivation, time organization and increasing level of enjoyment in your own game are also inseparable part of mental trainings. Help during the change of some certain shot and getting back confidence in that shot is regular part of tennis mental trainings, and you cant play high level quality match without it.


Raising self-confidence, managing your thoughts, implementing different techniques for emotions controlling, developing necessary and eliminating bad features and many other things are included in my mental trainings. You can have your session in form of online conversation through applications that allow using camera in any country, continent or city, wherever you are.


From everything previously mentioned you can realize that tennis players psychological development is systematic, gradual and long-term process. All tools and techniques that I use on my mental trainings will improve my clients quality of life. More about mental trainings benefits and answers to some frequent questions you can read here >>>>


Eliminate blockages and fears and build your champions attitude!


Introduction interview is free of charge!


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