Educational center for parents and children


Main purpose of this educational center is to increase understanding and appreciation betwen parents and their child. It happens very often that parents unconsciously put too much pressure and fear on their child and that can affect results on the court.

Education is dedicated for all ages from the beginning of competition period. Its individual, which means that parent and child have their own trainings separately. Generally this kind of training is suitable for parent which follows his child on tournaments.


Prime and fundamental goal is TO BE BETTER TENNIS PARENT!


During this education you will get basic steps of mental preparation before the match, you will learn how to behave before and during the match, and you will also improve communication between you and your child. Together, we will develop your attitude, behavior and the way you approach your child after the match in both cases (defeat or victory). After that your child will be able to analyze match properly, realize his strengths and weaknesses, get rid of pressure and stress, and all of that with the purpose to reach the highest level of performance during the match. You and your child will get to know all kinds of visualization and relaxation exercises, which eliminate nervousness, fear, tenseness, and also this can help you create desirable results and successful future.


Important part of this education is to explaine and clarify parents duties and obligations and on the other hand which responsability should your child take. All of that in order to develop indepedence and confidence of your own child.




Duration and price



For child under 18 and one parent educational coaching includes 8 trainings, 4 for child and 4 for parent in period of one month. Each training lasts 60 minutes.


We arrange time of trainings, once a week with parent, and once a week with child.


Trainings can be done using all applications which include camera (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber,)


Total price is 360


In the case that other parent wants to follow same education feel free to contact me about price and conditions

+ 381 63 8 654 597 (Mob, Viber, WhatsApp)


Make an appointment and improve your knowledge, skills, comunication and relationship with your child.


Help your child make briliant tennis career!


+ 381 63 8 654 597 (Mob, Viber, WhatsApp)






Ljubica Jovanović

Mental & Motivational Coach

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