Ljubica Jovanović

Mental & Motivational Coach

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About me

Tennis coaching






Team building



First of all work on yourself! Coaching is helping individually or in groups to develop potentials, to achieve your goals faster and easier. Also can help you develop communication skills. It can bring transformations on deeper levels of your mind eliminating unwilling content (thoughts, feelings, states and personal characteristics) and create desired content (right thoughts, good feelings, positive states, strong personal characteristics, and also getting new knowledge and skills).


As a result you can get:


- Better use of personal potential,

- More accomplished goals,

- Better communication with people around you


Coaching motivates and stimulates new way of thinking and supports the use of new knowledge through practical actions. With specific and unique approach coaching as a final result makes much easier reaching your goals. You will also get positive changes in your behavior which will be helpful in all aspects of your life. In modern, demanding environment, private or professional, expectations are huge and coach supports us to achieve them faster and easier.



Coach helps us understand ourselves better


Coach motivates and encourages us with various techniques to stay strong, to find hidden potentials


If you want to make progress in any of these areas:

1. Healthy life (get to the desired weight, become healthier, start training),

2. Sports successes (overcoming fears and blockades, progression, development),

3. Material goods,

4. Career (improvement, development, change),

5. Emotional relations (with partner, parents, kids),

6. Social life,

7. Personal development

than you should start with individual sessions!




More information about sessions you can look here >>>>


Sessions can be done using all applications which include camera (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber,)


Price for individual session:

90 minutes 100

60 minutes 80

30 minutes 55 (short consultations)


Introduction session is free of charge


If you have questions or you need some further information, please feel free to contact me


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+381 63 8 654 597 (Mob, Viber, WhatsApp)