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The importance of match analysis


What does the analysis consist of, which are the benefits that you can get from analysis of the match and more about this theme you can read here >>>>

Im leading 5-1! What now?


Almost every player during his tennis career had critical situation on this result 5-1 but he wasnt conscious whats going on on the court until 5-5. Opponent is winning game after game and in most cases on the result 5-5 panic begins and thoughts like You had him on 5-1! How could you let him overtake you? What are you doing? Read more >>>>

Visualization! Why not?


Visualization is creation of mental pictures and it is one of the most important psychological techniques which is used by top athletes in order to increase their own quality of the game. The topic of this blog is why visualization is so important. Read more >>>>

Be concentrated!


Almost all of tennis players around the world are closed in their homes, full of wish to play and develop. This is the right time for raising your mental strenght, doing some exercises at home. Read more>>>>

Stay in the zone

Staying in the zone is the most desired condition of all tennis players. Find out what are the factors which disturb, and which make easier entering to the zone, and also the most important technique that allows you to stay in it by clicking here >>>>


Winner is a player who fights until the end!


You probably heard so many times that life is a fight. The same rules apply for tennis.

Read more >>>>

Get familiar with my working techniques


I wrote this blog post from wish to describe you benefits of my work and my work methods. Read more >>>>

Be champion... But first in your head!


Find out the basic and necessary steps that lead to the champion here >>>>

Once upon a time, there was one Lion


An interesting and very instructive blog post about the development of a tennis players personality. Read more >>>>

10 tips how to stay mentally healthy


This blog was inspired by the fact how parents and players focus on result, neglecting that the most important thing is keeping mental health. Read more >>>>