Ljubica Jovanović

Mental & Motivational Coach

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Tennis, like any other sport, includes all 4 important areas: technique, tactics, physical and mental preparation. Mental preparation must be part of training process, because it makes 25% of full tennis preparation. With mental trainings, players will be psychologically stronger and prepared before the match, but also focused and relaxed during the match.


Sparta tennis organization in collaboration with tennis mental coach Ljubica Jovanovic made this workshop for everyone who wants to upgrade and improve his own approach to the game. Workshop is created for tennis players, their parents and coaches.


Unconsciously, sometimes parents put too much pressure on their child. Instead of being supportive, parents usually make mistakes and bring fear to their child before the match starts. Using specific examples and techniques, we will help you how to show your child right direction, how to be the biggest support and helpful on his road to success and development, because we all know that every parent wants only the best for their child.





We prepared some exercises and techniques for players, how to enter the match confidently, how to deal with jitters and fears before the match starts. It is very often that the player who starts the match mentally stronger, he/she wins that match. You have to be that winner! You will learn how to eliminate blockades and we will teach you how to be able to show your full potential on the match.


Parents, players and coaches should be the team which goes towards the same direction! The first goal is to make your child good athlete who knows how to deal with problems and doesnt quit easily when its hard. On the way to success every player deals with many failures and difficulties and only the strongest can overcome that and become champions. You will learn how to act synergistically and be the real team which knows how to take experience from each match and use it for development of your own game no matter what the result will be.


Some of the topics on this workshop can include:

1) Mental preparation before the match! Be strong from the beginning of the match!

2) Learn how to overcome critical situations and become the winner! Be strong in all important points during the match!

3)After failure and defeat come out like a mental winner! Be strong in facing yourself, be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to become champion.

4) Support yourself! Be really supportive to your child during the match! Be strong like a team!


These are only few suggestions, but in agreement with you we can redefine each of these topics.


The head coach of Sparta organization Branislav Sisojevic organizes and prepares sparing matches (individual or double) before the lecture. The workshops are created to exchange knowledge and energy. The lecturer for that part is tennis mental and motivational coach Ljubica Jovanovic.


Workshop can be presented in English and Serbian language, all over the world.


Please be free to contact us for further information!

+346 52 389 169 (Mob, Viber, WhatsApp)



The lecturer: Ljubica Jovanovic, tennis mental and motivational coach

Organizer: Branislav Sisojevic, director and head coach of Sparta organization

Media support: Nenad Bukarica, founder and editor of web site Mali igraci