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Be champion... But first in your head!


To be first, to be the best, to be a champion is almost every childs dream, isnt it? Maybe it is, but if you talk to some of tennis players who are only junior competitors, you will see that most of them dont believe that they can become champions. Even less certain in them-selves are players older tnah 18, who havent reach top 1000 jet. Most of them lose faith that they can achieve big success.


Why is that happening, is it good and normal on your development path?


The answer is little bit longer, but very simple.


Most of you started training tennis because you were watching on TV some of the famous tennis professional players like Novak Djokovic, Nadal or Roger Federer playing awesome, winning and cup lifting. You wanted to do the same thing, to win Wimbledon, AO, US Open or Roland Garros. And you started training. You learnt how to play ground strokes, you were happy and excited before every training. Then you started playing on tournaments and then the first DEFEAT came. The feeling after defeat is so bad that you dont want to be repeated ever and I hope you wont experience it again. And then soon after, you have new tournament and new defeat which is a normal part of every sport. At the beginning, you will usually have more experience player in front of you who controls him and his strokes better during the match, and on the other hand you are totally lost because of anxiety. Really you have to accept this as a normal state. Time is passing by, you playing tournaments u10, u12, u14, constant desire but battle as well in side of you to win some tournaments and to improve on rankings is choking you, you are thinking about how to get in to top 20, then to the top 10 and at the end you finish thinking about the first place. Even if you reach first position in particular category, here comes the end of the year, again youre playing with older and more experience players, you are losing again and then as a result you reach lower position on rankings. And then everything back from the start But where is the dream about Wimbledon or Roland Garros.



We came to first answer, why does it happen that faith in your-self is decreasing with ageing. You should dream big, but you should set small, short-term goals in front of you, which should be time limited, clear, reachable and challenging. You should make two boards, one of desired goals and the other one of accomplished goals. Put your picture in the central position of the board. Fill the board with pictures of your wishes, desires and goals which should be short-term, mid-term and long-term. Every accomplished goal (as soon as you reach it) should be moved from the first board to the second one. Keep both boards on visual place, one next to another. Every day visualize your-self reaching these goals, but dont forget to be happy and grateful for accomplished goals. It happens very often that you are happy for short time, easily forget accomplished goal and right away you are fully focus on your next goal. As soon as you reach first obstacles the feeling that you can reach everything disappears. In these moments a board of accomplished goals will give you high level of self-confidence, faith in your-selves and your game, motivation to keep going further. You will feel more persistent, assertive, but also happy and satisfied because some of your goals are already accomplished. The way to achieve big dreams includes many steps and many small and short-term goals. The way towards accomplishment of big, desirable goals is made of many steps, countless trainings, commitment, hard work and reaching many short-term small goals.


Now you got the answer to the second question, should we dream big dreams. Maybe you have doubts about feeling disappointed if you dont accomplish them. Dont worry thats totally normal, but the most important thing is to go back in positive way of thinking about your dreams.



All the people who accomplished great things in life, never gave up!


Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb 10 000 times tried until he succeeded. Many people would say that he faced failure 10 000 times, but the secret of his persistence is that he saw every defeat as one step closer to goal accomplishment. So, dont look at your defeats like they are real failures, because they are not, they are just inevitable steps on your way to success.


Visualize, dream, create positive images. Every night before the sleep, imagine yourself playing a Grand Slam, imagine yourself winning match point and lifting cup, be happy, excited and put as many positive feelings as you can during this visualization. If you cant imagine yourself as a winner, as a champion theres no possibility that this will happen for real.


First you have to become champion in your head!


Dream big, visualize yourself as a champion every day, set short-term goals, make vision boards of desired and accomplished goals, and with small steps proceed further, of course with training, hard work, persistence and endurance, with focus that every day you should be better than previous one.

Its normal and natural that youll have all kind of difficulties which effect on your self-confident. That can have negative impact on your game. I gave you some techniques how to help yourself, but it is recommended to have in your team mental trainer who will help you overcome all obstacles, improve your game, attitude, increase the level of your motivation and help you eliminate fears, anxiety, nervousness and blockages. More about tennis mental trainings you can read here >>>>


Good luck!