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Winner is a player who fights until the end!


You probably heard so many times that life is a fight. The same rules apply for tennis.


Persistence, persevance and giving 100 % of effort are features which every figter and every winner has.


During whole life we have ups and downs. The same thing is throughout tennis career. On your path of development, until the end of your career, in your training process, you will have good and bad times. The hardest task is to overcome mental downs, but that is integral part of uprising. The most important thing is to rise up after every fall and keep going. Ups and downs also happen during the match. It happens that you lead in first set 4-2 and lose it with 4-6. What is the most important thing you have to do? Rise up and fight until the end.

In tennis, like in life, there are minimum three categories of players. First category makes players which are on the first obstacles brought down. They couldnt cope with defeats and they gave up. E.g. On tournaments under 12 they are winners, they are in top 5, but when they grow up and enter tournaments under 14, they suddenly start losing, cant deal with it and leave tennis. What did they get from tennis? The answer is nothing! They dont have enough experience to become tennis coaches, neither can have successful career in any other field of this sport. Unfortunately, they are losers.


Second category makes players which survive for years. They are usually between 20 and 100 ranked in junior categories in their own countries, later they are under 500 on WTA or ATP. The majority of them are just like that, these are average players. They fight hard enough to stay in tennis and provide quality life for them and their families. They know how to fight. They rise up after every fall but not completely, never that fast and strong to be able to soar in heights. And that is what players which are in third category can do. They run to get up after every decline. Each rise up after a fall is greater than previous one. They are aware that failures are integral part of life and game, they are ready for that and face it bravely.


Here is one example which I want all of you who read this to use in your game because in that way you can improve quality of your performance. You lead in first set 4-2. After couple of mistakes, unfocused shots and points, you find yourself at the end of lost first set with the result 4-6. The loser would get upset, stay in past in disbelief that he let himself lose that set even though he was leading 4-2.Then the negative thoughts, anger and anxiety are raising, and lost game as well in the second set. Soon the whole match is lost. The real fighter in the moments between the sets on the bench would encourage himself, motivate himself and change direction of his focus from the previous to the following set. He would have conversation with himself and he would be conscious that the opponent is happy now, with false hope that he already won that match and with these thoughts he will enter next set. Relaxed and happy! That moment is your opportunity to change things in your favor and put a pressure on him in a few next games, so he would get upset also because he was too relax with thoughts that everything is over, and now he is about to lose second set.


After that continue to force him and put more and more pressure until he loses the second set. The winners know that this is not the end that they probably made their opponent angry and in third set they should expect the real battle. So lets be brave and go further!


Also, after the first lost set, it doesnt matter if you are leading or not, during the break you shouldnt criticize, judge and disrespect you and your game. You should use the moment in which your opponent is relaxed, analyze present match, realize your opponents strengths and weaknesses and plan new tactic for the rest of the match.


Never give up!


When the things arent going the way you want, dont blame yourself or someone else, but ask yourself What can I do now, at this point to rich my goal?. If you want to get even better answer you should ask yourself What would the champion like (you choose your favorite player) do in this kind of situation, if he-she was me?. When you get the answer, head up and be the real fighter on the court.


The golden rule is that the winner doesnt have to be intelligent and talented, but persistent. For example, two boys started the same university, Alex, very intelligent and talented student, whatever he wants he easily gets, and John, boy who reaches everything but with a lots of work and effort. After 5 years, John finished university, but Alex is still on his first year. What happened? Alex thought that everything is going to be easy and smooth like before, he didnt follow lectures, he put the blame on his professors and he didnt want to admit that he wasnt focused on studying and that he skipped many exams. And John, on the other hand, studied hard, followed all lectures and finished university on time with average grade 9,89.


So, hard work, effort, persistence, maximum dedication on trainings, self-confidence and fight until the end! Really, until the last point everything is possible. Just never, ever give up! Thats what losers do! And you want to be the winner, right?


On their development path, every player faces rise and fall. The part of tennis mental trainings is how to overcome those falls easier and faster. It doesnt matter if that fall is caused by low level of self-confidence on which you have to work throughout your whole tennis career, different fears and blockades, or maybe injure, few lost matches in a row, sadness because you changed your tennis couch or the reason is something completely different, it is necessary to rise as soon as possible after falling.


What would you choose, to be the winner or to be the loser?


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