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10 tips how to stay mentally healthy


This blog was inspired by the fact how parents and in the same time players focus on result, neglecting the reality in which the most important thing is keeping your mental health, because healthy relationship towards tennis brings result.


In addition you will see 10 tips how to maintain your mental health, also how to increase your confidence and realize that tennis is just a sport, which should be entertaining, challenging, awarding and directed to growth and development of players personality.


1. Have fun on the court!



If you enjoy your game you will overcame obstacles faster, learn new things and improve your performance.



2. Never give up!


Even if you are losing 6-0, 5-0 the match is not finished yet. Stay positive till the end, because really everything is possible and just a thought that you gave your best can increase your confidence. Even when the hardest time comes and you think that you cant resist any more, never, ever give up!


3. Believe in yourself!


On and off the court, faith in yourself improves your game and builds your character. There are many exercises for getting back and increasing belief in yourself. One way is constant parents support, who should focus on players performances development rather than result.


4. Visualize yourself playing your best game!


Visualization can help you in the process of gaining experience, it is suitable for making new routines, it can help you get rid of frustration and also get ready for upcoming matches etc. About visualization, how important it is and how to use it, you can read in my previous blog posts.

5. Increase your physical training!


Beside the fact the your body getting stronger, the feeling of good physical condition can increased self-confidence and gives you feeling that you are ready for following matches.


6. From time to time play with weaker opponents!


It is very important that after couple of lost matches you win in order to keep high level of confidence. In these matches you can have more fun, try new tactics and drills, and your opponent will be gratefull for giving opportunity to play with you.


7. Make a list of minimum 10 physical and mental strengths.


There must be minimum 10 items. Longer the list is, you are more aware of your abilities. If you cant complete this list, ask for help. From time to time you should check this list in order to remind yourself how much you worth. Dont forget to make this list longer and longer.



8. Eliminate your negative thoughts!


Start listening yourself and become aware of your thoughts. In the moment when negative thoughts occur stop and turn them into positive ones. Our thoughts create our life. If you want good things for yourself think in positive way and have positive attitude towards upcoming challenges and barriers, which are part of your development.


9. Practice your weakest points!


When you become confident in things that recently were your weak points, youll believe more in yourself during the matches. This doesnt mean that your practice more, it means that you have to practice better. Remember, only perfect practice can make you perfect player. When you get back confidence in that stroke and get best from yourself, the game will be much more fun and youll enjoy more on the court.


10. Every match and situation that seems to you unsolvable try to see as a challenge and enjoy solving tough challengers!

If you are facing tough current situation, it can happened during the matches or during the trainings, and you see that situation as a problem that you cant solve, that problem will grow and will have negative influence on your game. So, whenever some negative moments come, see that as a challenge because you can overcome everything with good attitude. The feeling will be incredible when you accept the challenge and you will be proud of yourself when you successfully overcome it. That will also help you enjoy more during the match, to get best from yourself and build your confidence.


Mental trainings are including part of training process for every successful tennis player. If youre planning long term success and you want to overcome different mental barriers that are including part of every tennis competition make your appointment for introduction interview. Stay mentally healthy and raise your confidence! Develop your personality on and off the court, become combative, improve your ability to face obstacles, learn how to control your thoughts and how to keep your emotions under control, stay highly motivated and increase your concentration.


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